Thursday 27 February 2014

Communication between factory file and controller in Angular js

Controller is a JavaScript constructor function that is used to augment the Angular scope. It is communicating with views and factory files and also with directives ,filter etc . Factory files are interacting with backend services through REST API and usually communicating with specific controls (how to set up a single page application using Angular)

Controller example

Here SampleController is the controller name and samplefactoryService is the factory file name

angular.module('sampleproject').controller( 'SampleController',
function ($rootScope, $scope ,samplefactoryService )
$scope.list = {
 value : '',
 data : '' 
$scope.onSample = function()
//Sending data ($scope.list ) to myServicefunction (factory)
 samplefactoryService.myServicefunction( $scope.list ,
//Getting data from myServicefunction(factory)
 $scope.datalist = data ;// response from service
 function( data)

Here $scope.list is nothig but you can take value from view .For example in view you have a input box

 <input ng-model="list.value"> 
 <input ng-model=""> 

You can have this values in controller by using $scope.list . You can initialize onSample function on ngclick or by form submission .

 <button ng-click="onSample();"> Submit </button>

Here we are sending our data ($scope.list) to myServicefunction in samplefactoryService. So we have to create a samplefactoryservice.js and have to declare myServicefunction.

Example of Factory File in angular

'use strict';
angular.module('harbinger').factory( 'samplefactoryservice',
function( $rootScope, $http)
return {
//data($scope.list) from controller
myServicefunction : function( data  )
 var data = {
   value:data.value ,
 var url = 'your webservcie url';
 //Sending to service ( backend )
 $ url, angular.toJson(data) )
 .success( function( data )
//Getting data from backend


 //Send back to controller
 .error( function( data)
yourotherfunction : etc .....

Here we are getting $scope.list value from the controller file and sending to service file .On success we are getting the response from service file (backend).

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