Wednesday 29 November 2017

ng switch in Angular


Let us check how ngSwitch works in Angular. Basically it is almost similar to Angular js 1 except some syntax changes. Let us check how it is in Angular js 1 first.

ng-switch in Angular js 1

$ = data; // json or backend data

<div ng-switch="data.status">
 <span ng-switch-when="C">Initializing</span>
 <span ng-switch-when="J">Loading</span>
 <span ng-switch-when="R">Creating</span>
 <span ng-switch-when="D">Success</span>
 <span ng-switch-when="P">Failed</span>


Now let us check how it is in Angular 4.

ngSwitch in Angular 4 = data; // json or backend data

<div [ngSwitch]="data.status">
 <span *ngSwitchCase="'C'">Initializing</span>
 <span *ngSwitchCase="'J'">Loading</span>
 <span *ngSwitchCase="'R'">Creating</span>
 <span *ngSwitchCase="'D'">Success</span>
 <span *ngSwitchCase="'P'">Failed</span>
 <span *ngSwitchDefault>Error</span>


In this article we have discussed about using ngSwitch in Angular.


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