Thursday 16 March 2017

findIndex issue in IE | find index issue with different browsers

What is findIndex.

Using findIndex method we can easily find out the index of an element in the array. Let us check the code.

var list = [

var index = list.findIndex(function(e){return == 'Prashobh'})


Result : 0

This is the most suggested way to do this and it will work for most of the browsers. As I mentioned most of the browsers, let us check which are those browsers not supporting findIndex method.

Browser support for findIndex.

Chrome 45.0 and above: Supports

Firefox 25.0 and above: Supports

Internet Explorer: No support

Microsoft Edge: Supports

Opera: Supports

Safari 7.1 and above: Supports

So what we can do to make sure it will work in other browser as well. Let us modify our code like below.

Another approach.

var index;
list .some(function(e, i) {
    if ( == 'Prashobh') {
        index = i;
        return true;


Result : 0

It will work in almost all the browsers but not in IE 11. So let’s modify our code again like below.

Final one.

var index;
for (var i = 0; i < list.length; ++i) {
    if (list[i].name == 'Prashobh') {
        index = i;

Result : 0

This is basic way to do this and it will work in almost all modern browsers including IE8.

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